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Walking into your business and finding that it has flooded is incredibly stressful and will undoubtedly put you into a state of panic. The best thing you can do...


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When your home or business is flooded you think "How will I be able to pay for this?" Carson 24/7 Flood Rescue has you covered with 100% Direct Insurance Billing, working with ALL insurance providers...

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Water Damage

Water damage can be extremely stressful and Carson 24/7 Flood Rescue is here to provide expert service 24 hours a day 7 days a week just call us anytime...

Standing water is a serious risk to your home or business and needs to be dealt with immediately. If the water is not removed immediately, it can devastate your property and become a health threat as mold and bacteria fester. 24/7 Flood Rescue Carson, CA is prepared to handle all levels of flooding so you can avoid costly damages.
If you have standing water or flooding in your home or business, you need professional water extraction services. Contact the experts at 24/7 Flood Rescue Carson for immediate assistance.

The Dangers of Standing Water
Standing water, also called flood water, poses many risks. According to the CDC, standing water puts your health at risk of diseases like Hepatitis B, giardiasis, E. Coli, tetanus, Legionnaire’s disease, skin infections, and the list goes on. Because flood water often contains contaminants from sewage, chemical runoff, and mold, the CDC even warns that you shouldn’t let your children play with toys that have been in contact with standing water.

Along with the health risks, standing water also puts your property at risk. Water can break down the very foundation of homes, destroy expensive equipment, and cause mold to grow.

How to Clean Up Standing Water
If you only experienced a small amount of flooding and the water has gone down, you might be tempted to clean up the flood water yourself. However, this is generally not advisable as homeowners do not have the proper equipment to get affected areas safely dry and decontaminated. Water is often deeply saturated into concrete, subfloors, and carpet padding. Even if the surface seems dry, there is likely still high levels of moisture which are festering mold and bacteria.

To make sure your home or business is safe, and that you are spared further costly damage, the professionals at 24/7 Flood Rescue Carson, CA take these steps to clean up standing water:

• Extraction: We have portable submersible pumps which can remove flood water of all depths and from virtually any space, including crawlspace flooding.
• Property Salvaging: Some property cannot be saved, such as mattresses or cushions which were affected by sewage water. Items which can be saved will be disinfected and dried. Unsalvageable items will be safely disposed of for you.
• Drying: We use air movers and injectridry systems to evaporate water from flooded spaces.
• Dehumidification: The air humidity is carefully controlled to speed up drying and prevent mold growth.
• Sanitization and Mold Remediation: Our technicians are trained to recognize any health threats and will take steps to ensure your safety. All tainted property is sanitized and solutions may be applied to thwart mold growth.
• Monitoring: Serious flooding may require several visits by our technicians so we can check that the drying process is happening safely and no mold or bacteria is growing.

Getting the Water Out Quickly Is Key to Reducing Damage
At 24/7 Flood Rescue Carson, CA, we have dealt with numerous cases of standing water which was left untreated, so we know just how damaging flood water can be. In as little as 24 hours, mold, bacteria, viruses, and other pathogens can begin to grow in standing water. Mold eats organic materials in your home, like your furniture upholstery and wood beams. Quickly, you have a health and structural crisis on your hand which may require expensive demolition and replacement.

By acting fast, much of the potential damage from flood water can be averted. Our technicians are trained in flood disaster management and will take precautions to ensure damages are kept at a minimum, including applying biocides to control mold and making necessary repairs.

Safety Is Our Priority
Flood water poses an eminent risk to your health and physical safety. Our technicians follow the highest safety standards when providing water extraction services. They wear biohazard coveralls, goggles, boots, gloves, and respirators to protect themselves against all pathogens while working. They are also trained to recognize and repair risks such as from electrical wires in standing water. By focusing on safety, we are able to prevent workplace accidents and keep our insurance rates low, savings which then get passed on to you.

You Can Trust Us to Get the Job Done Right
While there are certain protocols established by the water damage remediation industry, every case of flooding has its own unique variables. Thus, treat every case of flood damage on an individual basis. Our professionals are some of the best trained in the business and can quickly make judgment calls that can save you fortunes in damage costs. We pride ourselves in working closely with customers throughout the water extraction process and keeping their unique needs in mind, such as if you want to save an heirloom rug or would rather replace your furniture than wait for it to dry.

No matter what your unique situation entails, you can count on us to get the job done right. Here are some of the ways we are able to help with our Carson cold water extraction services:

• 24/7 emergency flooding services
• IICRC certified water damage experts
• Submersible portable pumps
• Air movers and injectidry systems
• Dehumidification units
• Complete decontamination services
• Mold removal and remediation
• Direct billing to insurance

Our professional team is ready to help. Call us for immediate flood water removal services.

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